Pet News | Would You End Your Relationship If Your Pet Didn't Like Him/Her? | Andover & Villages(36%) of pet owners would end a relationship if their partner didn’t like their pet

A further 47% of single pet owners say their pet and partner not getting along would cause major relationship problems

60% of single pet owners who use dating apps are more likely to swipe right or start talking to someone with a pet in their picture

Pets are the first point of call when their owners are heartbroken – more people (67%) turn to their pet than a friend (65%), food (53%) alcohol (35%) and Netflix (23%).

Almost half (46%) of single pet owners in the UK feel their pet understands how they’re feeling better than their previous partner, friends and even family

A new report from insurance company Bought By Many looks at how pets influence our approach to relationships, and even help us come to terms with heartbreak. The report was commissioned as part of the business’s committed approach to understanding and reflecting its customers’ needs. The findings also include the surprising discovery that 14% of single pet owners in the UK have bought a Valentine’s Day present for a pet in the past, with fish owners (20%) the most generous.

Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of Bought By Many, commented: “We know that when it comes to our pets, only the best will do, so we’re not surprised to see these results. In creating our pet insurance policy we took into account 40,000 pieces of feedback like this from customers to ensure our offering caters to their needs, and we’re confident Bought By Many’s unique pet insurance will look after the most treasured pet.“

Bought By Many offers a number of unique pet insurance features to customers, including a Fixed For Life policy that guarantees premiums will never go up over the course of a pet’s life. Pet owners can also choose a policy that gives them 20% of their yearly premium back if they don’t claim, and Bought By Many is the only insurer to cover a pet’s recent medical condition, enabling customers to switch providers in a market that has previously trapped customers with the same insurer. For more information visit boughtbymany

Case study available: Lucy is a 25-year-old finance professional living in London. She’s a huge lover of all animals, big and small. She dotes on her dog Merlin, a nine year old King Charles Spaniel, and has yet to find a man to live up to his high standards. She’d much rather stay in for some puppy love on Valentine’s Day than hit the dating scene and if a man doesn’t like dogs, well, that’s a deal breaker.

Other Findings include:

Over a fifth of single pet owners (23%) say that if they could, they would take their pet on a first date with them, with this highest amongst younger age groups, aged 18-34 (31%). Twice as many dog owners (36%) as cat owners (16%) would take their pet with them, while a huge 42% of bird owners would like to bring their pet on a first date. While 60% of single pet owners who use dating apps are more likely to swipe right or start talking to someone with a pet in their picture, only 30% of single pet-owners have a picture of their pet on their dating app profile. Nearly half of pet owners (45%) mention they would cancel or postpone a date in order to spend time with their pet, with one in ten (11%) having done so previously.

Pets appeal varies by region, with Londoners most likely to swipe right or talk to someone who has pictures of their pet in an online dating profile:

London – 81%

South East – 76%

East of England – 68%

Yorkshire & Humber – 65%

South West – 60%

People living in Wales are most protective of their pets, being the most likely to end a relationship if their partners didn’t like their pet:

Wales – 52%

East of England – 50%

East Midlands – 50%

North West – 36%

South East – 36%

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