Lifestyle News | Workers Urged to Go Green | Andover & VillagesWorkers in the South East are being urged to change their lifestyle in a bid to relieve stress in the workplace as job dissatisfaction has slumped to a two year low.

According to a new survey by outdoor holiday experts, Camping in the Forest, more than a quarter (28%) of Brits in the South East are desperately unhappy in their current job. It seems it’s men who are most dissatisfied (29%) compared to a quarter of women (24%).

Research also shows that surrounding yourself with some ‘green’ provides a boost in motivation and also that a glimpse of the colour green can spark creativity. Spending as little as five minutes outside can also reduce stress levels and increase brain activity.

With an average of 92,120 hours over the course of a lifetime being spent at work, it’s essential that workers take action now so they do feel motivated and stop being ground down by the everyday stresses that work causes.

Nature expert and TV personality Chris Packham, who is supporting Camping in the Forest’s campaign to get people into the great outdoors said: “I’m lucky because my job takes me outdoors a lot, so I get to spend time away from the city and experience the fantastic sights and sounds of nature, but it seems so many of us get bogged down in the daily grind of urban life.

“Not only is greenery great to help us unwind, but it’s also beautiful. If we don’t take time to get away from it all, we’re missing the wonderful smells, sounds and sights that surround us in the British countryside. No matter what job you do, I think we’d all enjoy having a bit more of this free-spirited approach to life – so if you do one thing this summer, go outside and explore.”

When asked if they are in the profession they aspired to be in as a child, more than four fifths (87%) of those polled in the South East admitted they are not. When it comes to age those 55+ have strayed furthest from their childhood dream (97%) while almost a third (30%) of the 25 – 34 year old are currently doing their chosen job role.

Experts say there a number of key factors why workers are so unhappy in their job, including being underpaid, having limited career growth and enhancement, job insecurity, lack of interest and poor management.

Top five regions with highest percentage of job dissatisfaction are:

South West (38%)

East Midlands (30%)

North East (28%)

South East (28%)

North West (27%)

Bob Hill, sites director from Camping in the Forest, comments: “We spend thousands of hours during our lifetime at work so it’s vital that we are able to enjoy real job satisfaction and feel motivated about what we do. It’s worrying that so many workers across the UK are stressed and unhappy in their job roles.

“The great outdoors is known as a fantastic stress reliever, with camping seen as one of the most relaxing getaways there is. It’s so important to take time away from checking emails, being glued to your laptop and feeling like you’re constantly on-call.

“Taking a camping trip enables you to escape from it all and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquillity of nature at its best. Enjoying a break outdoors allows you to think without a screen full of distractions and hopefully take stock, unwind and return to work with a clear mind and motivation for your future.”

Top ten jobs we aspired to do as a child:

Teacher (15%)

Vet (8%)

Policeman/woman (6%)

Dancer (5%)

Actor (5%)

Fireman (5%)

Archaeologist (4%)

Superhero (4%)

Astronaut (3%)

Athlete (3%)

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