Work on Weyhill Road Cycleway BeginsWork on the Weyhill Road Cycle path is due to begin on Monday 26th January 2015.

Test Valley Borough Council, working on behalf of Hampshire County Council, will be widenening the footway on the south side of Weyhill Road to accommodate the shared-use cycleway.

This route was identified in the Andover Town Access Plan and will link existing routes identified in the Council’s Cycle Strategy and Network Supplementary Planning Document. It will link the existing cycleway at Monxton Road, through advisory routes on The Drove and via King George Road playing fields, to the Railway Station. The works will be primarily funded by developer contributions to the area.

To accommodate the shared use cycleway, the footway will be widened to 3m using areas of highway grass verge. The position of street furniture, including bus shelters, will be altered to accommodate the wider path. Further changes which will be included in these works are, in brief:

• The carriageway alignment will be altered slightly at the Meadow Way shops, to accommodate the 3m wide footway.

• The existing Zebra Crossing at the Meadow Way shops will be upgraded to a Puffin Crossing (signal controlled).

• A pedestrian refuge island will be installed opposite Tesco near The Drove junction, and the access arrangements to Tesco from Weyhill Road altered to accommodate this.

The scheme will commence Monday, 26th January 2015 and is contracted to finish Friday, 15th May 2015.

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