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Winton’s Christmas display first appeared in 2000. Originally planned for one night for the Christmas Fayre it proved to be so popular with the staff students and visitors that it stayed up until the end of the term. Since then the display has got bigger and better each year. The display is the proud work of Mr Rob Elsey the school ICT Manager and all of the display belongs to him personally.

This year marks the 17th time the academy has done the display. A few years ago (2010) we built a whole new base construction and this year we have built new high-level bases, there are 5 new houses, 4 new animated items and 2 new trains!

Every year the staff and students enjoy searching for the new additions to the display and the many visitors to our site for evening and weekend clubs are enthralled by the sights and sounds of the Christmas season captured in the Winton Community Academy Display.

Roman Pitman, a year 10 student said, “The display really gives Christmas a magical ambience. The display is enchanting and fills me with Christmas spirit when I study the elaborate models and machines. It’s like Winton has its own winter Wonderland!”

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