School and College News | Witchcraft and Wizardry at John Hanson SchoolOn a beautiful spring day in March, 41 Year 10 students from John Hanson Community School entered the weird and wonderful world of Harry Potter when they visited the Warner Brothers Studio in Hertfordshire. This trip was the first of its kind for the school and was specifically for GCSE Business Studies and GCSE Creative & Media students.

Amongst the group were a number of avid Harry Potter enthusiasts, who had seen and read all 8 movies and books, as well as those who had seen one or two of the films and quite enjoyed them and even some students who had never seen or read any of them!

However much of a Harry Potter fan you are, you cannot help but be blown away by the fantastic sets, costumes, props and special effects. It was a surreal experience entering the main hall in Hogwarts and walking through Diagon Alley.

It was interesting for the Creative & Media students to understand the planning processes used in the film industry and how Directors plan meaning in every shot. The ‘green screen’ unveiled the secrets of many iconic scenes including the Quidditch games.

For the Business Studies students, it was a powerful message on how a successful brand operates and also the extensive costs involved in film production.

A great day had by all and impeccable behaviour from the students, pictured below in front of the famous triple-decker ‘Knight Bus’ which featured in the Harry Potter films.

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