Education News | Winton Students Visit London Museums | Andover & VillagesStudents from Winton Community Academy travelled to the Natural History and Imperial War Museums in London. The aim of the trip was to further explore some of the topics the students have been studying this term.

They visited the Natural History Museum first to see ‘Rocks the House’ which is a fantastic interactive show that explores the rock cycle. Students discovered how the tectonic plate interactions shape landscapes, generate earthquakes and form volcanoes.

Students and teachers were also invited to help out with fun demonstrations, including shouldering the weight of the world’s tectonic plates and getting to grips with the geophysics of cold custard.

After lunch, it was back on the bus to the Imperial War Museum to visit the First and Second even decided to dress up like soldiers on the front lines on the ‘Battle of the Somme’.

History Teacher, Mr Paul George said, “As usual the students were a credit to the academy. Students and staff alike found the day fun and informative and I am now hoping to make this trip a regular fixture in the humanities calendar”.

Inti Boutrif, a year 8 student said, “At the Natural History Museum, we learnt how the tectonic plates work, and how the mantel functions as both a solid and a liquid. I found this interesting since it was shown visually and this helped me learn better”.

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