On Wednesday the 21st of March 44 students and 3 accompanying staff travelled to the Natural History and the Victoria and Albert Museums in London. The reason behind the trip was to further explore some of the topics the students had been studying in both History and Geography.

We visited the Natural History Museum first to see ‘Rock the House’ which is a fantastic interactive show which explores the rock cycle. Students have been studying our ‘Restless Earth’ unit in Geography this term and the show visually explored how tectonic plate interactions shape landscapes, generate earthquakes and form volcanoes. A number of students got to actively take part in some of the demonstrations. There were a number of highlights during these demonstrations. Rachael Erison got to see how magma can act as both a solid and a liquid under different circumstances. Fortunately for Rachael custard powder and water were used instead of the real thing. Jack Sharpe and Oliver Bullis got to battle it out to see who could create the largest earthquake. Jack was victorious much to the disappointment of Oliver. The whole class eventually got in on the act and the resulting earthquake caused significant structural damage to the museum, whoops!

In the afternoon all students explored the earth quakes and volcanoes exhibit in the natural history museum to help extend their understanding of the themes covered in the earlier show. Students also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here, they were able to enjoy the delights of The Great Exhibition of 1851. Following in the footsteps of Queen Victoria, we were captivated by the beauty of the sculptures and art work. Golden statues and sparkling jewels reminded us of the power and wealth our country once wielded during the Industrial Revolution. A wonderful eye opener to our country’s past and a symbol of our nation’s continued pride.

As usual the students were a credit to the academy. Students and staff alike found the day fun and informative.

Mr George (Geography Teacher)

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