Education News | Winton Students Visit Bournemouth University | Andover & VillagesSixty Winton School students from across Year 7, 8 and 9 were given the opportunity to visit the Bournemouth University campus to compete a project that was supported and sponsored by the Powering Transformation Trust, Dell and the university.

It was aimed at aspiring students to consider pathways at a University level. Winton students were given a series of task and challenges as well as a tour of the campus by current University students.

It was quite an eye opener for a lot of them as they compared the site to a shopping mall due to its sheer size. The campus has its own community with everything you would need, from sports and leisure, library, health centre and restaurants. In fact we passed by 3 different Starbucks coffee shops…as one of our students put it, “you obviously need to drink a lot of coffee here”.

The main challenge of the day was for students to work in groups and look at how computers and technology could positively change the way we live. This was timed over a 2 hour period and the Winton students were a credit, as always, to the school. The presenters and supporting helpers from the university praised the level of focus and motivation of all involved. The representative from Google was amazed that when they started the task the majority of students automatically logged into their Google accounts and collaborated their ideas through Google slides. This is how we roll!

The groups had different ideas from tech equipment that cleans our oceans to apps that detect emotions in children to help boost their confidence and moods. However the eventual winners were from Year 9 whose idea was to create a more ecologically and environmentally friendly school. From saving energy by having light switch sensors to PE students generating electricity through exercise. This groups idea was chosen as the schools champion to go forward to the national finals……with a possible chance of winning Dell’s latest computers and tablets.

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