Education News | Winton Move and Raise a Stone | Andover & VillagesThis week all of our Year 7 students enjoyed a unique day at our local English Heritage Site.

Students visited Stonehenge and were given a unique insight into this ancient world

With the guidance of colleagues from Southampton University we assisted in the moving and raising of a stone. It was a mark of our extraordinary team work that we were one of the few groups who succeeded in achieving this during the weeklong project at the site. Through this ‘ hands on ‘ learning students quickly began to appreciate the engineering genius of past civilisations.

Other activities included a visit to the monument itself and a tour of the reconstructed Neolithic houses. We could warm our chilly hands on the fires in the chimneyless houses! How could this work?

As we left students commented, ‘ It feels like we have only been here for a split second, it’s gone too fast.’ Another promised to bring their parents back soon, ‘I never realised it would be so amazing.’