Winton Community Academy starts Wall of Inspiration

Year 11 students at Winton Community Academy have started their own Wall of Inspiration.

The project was started by Head of House Sally Warren who asked all the students to think about who inspires them and why.

“I then wrote to all those people with the help of Angie Gray who works in reprographics and asked for something for our Wall of Inspiration,” said Sally Warren.

The first reply was from the person who most inspires 16 year old Mustafa Gozlugol. The central midfield Arsenal FC player Mesuf Ozil.

The club sent Mustafa a signed photo, a letter and a poster which now have pride of place on the Wall of Inspiration.

“I am inspired by Mesuf Ozil because he plays in the same position as me and he’s had to work very hard to get where he is,” said Mustafa.

The 16 year old student is a keen Arsenal FC fan often travelling to watch their matches. He has even been filmed on Arsenal Fan TV.

Everyone else in Year 11 are now waiting for their replies so they can add to the wall.

“I am trying to get all Year 11 students to realise how important they are and to think that they have the potential to inspire people too,” said Sally Warren.

Photo – Mustafa Gozlugol with his items from Arsenal FC for the Wall of Inspiration.

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