Winton Community Academy’s Literacy Drive Needs Your HelpWinton Community Academy is currently restocking the library with books the students want to read. Students are keen to introduce ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Horrible Histories’ and Manga comic books which will sit along side Shakespeare and the classics.

Creating a culture to nurture a love of reading is a focus at Winton. Students have been involved in designing the look of the new library space but more importantly, the types of books of the shelves. For Christmas, all year seven students were given a book voucher by the academy and they each bought a book which they read, reviewed and then added to the library shelves. Luis Wyatt “I bought ‘Awful Aunty’ by David Walliams which was a roller coaster of emotions, it was sad in some places and hilarious in others. I thought buying a book for the school library was a brilliant idea, because if we choose the books students are more likely to want to read them.”

Our active parent voice group has come up with an innovative plan to support the academy and for this we need your old books. It doesn’t matter what they are, you just need to consider whether they would be an appropriate addition to a school library.

In conjunction with Lloyds bank’s ‘Day to make a difference’, we have secured the support of five members of staff from Lloyds who will be working with students on 2 June 2015 to sort and catalogue all of the donated books, as well as build book shelves and put up stenciled quotes on the walls.

Nathan Thomas, Principal stated, “Literacy is the key that unlocks the door to excellent results at school. As a parent of two children who love to read we have a large number of finished books on the shelves at home which will make excellent reading material for students at school. I will be bringing all of these in to add to the library. It doesn’t matter if they are fiction or non fiction we would love them all.”

The volunteers from Lloyds will be working on the new library on 2 June so we would love you to bring them in next week. If you have books to donate we would love to hear from you.

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