Weyhill Road Cycle Path andover hampshire

TVBC are not carrying out a consultation because their 24th January says “TVBC … intends…”

The Street Audit in January/February 2011 consisted of 6 or 7 people. Not representative.

Weyhill Road is a B Road with a 30 mph speed limit.

The stretch of Road in question is more than 2 metres wider here than towards the town, so incorporate a 1m “Hard Cycle Shoulder” either side. It doesn’t have to be 1.5 m wide as TVBC advise.

Look at The Avenue.

Trees and Verges will disappear. Environmental vandalism.

Lampposts put in only a few years ago will be relocated nearly 2m closer to bedroom windows.

Telegraph Poles and Bus shelters are to be relocated.

No statistical evidence is needed. Very few Cyclists use this pavement. The vast majority, me included, use the road.

It may not be the case that Cyclists on the Road slow drivers down, but taking them off the road will encourage some drivers to exceed the speed limit.

We are still waiting what the total cost will be to the Taxpayer.

Cycleways are neither coherent or continuous. They start and finish in the middle of nowhere.

All Cycleways dotted around Andover are inconsistent and appallingly underused.

There has not been one reported incident involving a Cyclist on Weyhill Road since records began.

HCC and TVBC should work with local communities to improve and enhance local services. This Cycleway will alienate hundreds of people.

How many councillors live on this stretch of Weyhill Road and will be directly affected? None.

People who live here and local businesses will suffer, without a doubt.

Pavement cyclists never wear hi-viz or have crash helmets, lights or bells. There are dozens of elderly people on Weyhill Road. Dark mornings, and evenings. It is an accident waiting to happen.

There are no fewer than 5 Roads coming off this stretch of Weyhill Road and Cyclists will have to give way to vehicles leaving and exiting all of these.

I can also see conflict with vehicles entering and exiting private driveways, the parade of Shops by Meadow Way and at The Chestnut Tree Pub to name but two.

It’s a “Shared” not “Segregated” Cycleway.

A new electronic 30mph Slow Down sign has just appeared about 50 yards from where I live. Now that is what we need more of, and much more cost effective than whatever the final bill for this cycleway will be. I was speaking to several elderly neighbours by the bus stop opposite me only a few hours ago and they all welcomed it.

If we are not told of the final cost to the taxpayer, or it is being suppressed, I shall put in for a FOI request.

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