Health News | Wessex Cancer Alliance Expert at World Cancer Day International Event | Andover & VillagesSouthampton Professor Alan Jackson spoke at the United Nations in Austria* about how the work of doctors and others who work in cancer treatment would be improved if they had a clearer grasp of nutrition and the steps cancer patients can take to improve their health.

Prof Jackson is Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition within Medicine at the University of Southampton which is part of the Wessex Cancer Alliance. He was speaking as part of an expert panel at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) event ‘A Roadmap to a Cancer-free World’ on February 2.

His expertise around the link to nutrition for cancer patients will help to inform a Wessex Cancer Alliance Living with and Beyond Cancer programme which has £2m funding from NHS England.

The programme aims to help patients take back control of their lives after treatment for cancer ends. Known as stratified care pathways, the aim of the programme is to provide a range of options to assist patients in finding the right combination of support that will assist them in their recovery.

This will involve a holistic needs assessment which will help the patient working together with their clinicians to find the right tailored support for them. The programme offers support such as exercise, nutrition, psychological well-being and support to help manage their condition.

The programme for patients treated for breast, colorectal and prostate cancer will also draw on the work of a Southampton pilot funded by the Movember Foundation, tackling critical areas of prostate cancer care. The True NTH programme identified that a significant proportion of men felt abandoned by the healthcare system after their initial treatment had been completed and has developed a series of programmes to address the needs of men along all points of their cancer journey, helping them achieve a good quality of life and to feel knowledgeable and confident about managing their condition.

Now the findings are forming part of this wider programme to support Cancer patients across Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Dorset.

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