Andover Town Centre WIfi

Andover BID have announced this week that the final touches to the free Wifi they are providing across Andover town centre and the train station are nearing completion.

Steve Godwin, Andover BID Manager told Andover & Villages in the Summer of 2019, “The Wifi is an excellent tool for Andover BID in order to be able to track the public and to see what their movements are when they come into the town centre, it will give great data for BID and for the Levy payers.”

Further discussed in an Andover BID board meeting, members of the board dismissed concerns the public may have about being tracked, with Steve Cotney, Chantry Centre Manager stating, “Everyone knows that if you connect to free wifi that you are being tracked.”

Andover & Villages spoke to an IT expert who said, “You don’t have to connect to the free wifi in order to be tracked by the system being installed into the town centre, if you have a Bluetooth or wifi-enabled device and are in range of the access points that have been placed across the town, the least information that will be seen will be:

  • your movements as you walk through the town;
  • device data such as what kind of phone you are using;
  • if you are wearing a smartwatch or any Bluetooth enabled device;
  • MAC address in order to monitor return rates;

“If you actually connect to the wifi system, the system will likely have the ability to track:

  • The exact time you connect to the internet;
  • The websites you visit and their specific URLs;
  • The specific pages you open on each website;
  • How long you were online;
  • How long you visit websites;
  • When you launch an app that connects to the internet;

“Additionally, as the access points are being installed roadside, people in any vehicles driving through the town with any Bluetooth or wifi-enabled devices will in theory also be able to be tracked.”

The team sent a press release out that included pictures of cherry pickers installing the wireless routers atop various lamposts across the town and state that the system will be ready to go by the end of March 2020.

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