Travellers Andover
Credit @ Stephen Bearne

TRAVELLERS have pitched up in the field next to the Picket Twenty, Andover development. Almost 30 vehicles have been spotted by locals. 

According to eye-witnesses, the travellers entered via the old lane by the bridge.

They were also spotted travelling through Whitchurch, heading to the field in Andover.

One local said, “I went to pick up my son, on the way back they were blocking a fire engine trying to get through, utter chaos.

Although unconfirmed, one of the vehicles used by the travellers is a sign written works van for the purpose of tree surgery and garden waste collection, it is understood that cold call door to door for business.

Credit @ Stephen Bearne

Test Valley Borough Council said, “We are aware of the trespassers forcing entry at Picket Twenty and are doing everything in our power to move them on as quickly as possible.

We have already started the process of pursuing court proceedings to remove them and are currently working closely with the police.”

Residents are responsible for ensuring anyone removing waste from their property is authorised to do so.

Cold callers can be reported to Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards on 01962 833620 and any fly-tips can be reported to Test Valley Borough Council’s Environmental Service on 01264 368000.


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