Vitacress Staff 'At Risk' of Losing JobsVitacress staff in St Mary Bourne and Abbotts Ann have been put on notice of their jobs being ‘at risk’ of redundancy.

Staff were written to on 17th February, and given a meeting that same day, explaining the risk.

A staff member told Andover & Villages, “We were told that jobs were being lost from across the business, including St Mary Bourne and Abbotts Ann, and that we could either take redundancy before the summer season or get a bigger bonus if we stayed and worked through.

“We were also told that Alresford and the whole harvest team is going with five out of seven growing assistants across the farms facing redundancy.”

However, Toby Brinsmead, CEO for Vitacress, told Andover & Villages, “Over recent years, production on some of our farms has increased in excess of current sales.

“We are of course committed to win more business, but regrettably this means that four jobs will need to go from the growing area of the business at the end of the Summer season, but we are hopeful that the employees selected will be able to be moved into other jobs across the business.”

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