Velosport Cycling Coaching Based in AndoverCyclists are both gadget and performance obsessed; we all want the best and brightest new thing to help us on our never-ending quest to go faster. Listen to the chatter before your next group ride, and you’ll likely hear someone bragging about spending £1000 or more on a new aero wheelset that promises to shave seconds off their 40K time-trial pace or pining for a new £2,000 carbon frame that’s a few ounces lighter than their current set up. But too few cyclists are willing to invest in something that’s practically guaranteed to help them improve.

Hiring a coach is arguably the best investment a cyclist can make, whether it’s a budding junior racer with professional ambitions, a weekend warrior looking to podium in the local crit or a masters competitor looking to out pedal Father Time for another season.

People turn to coaching for a variety of reasons; it’s not just about getting faster or winning races. Coaching can help you overcome weak spots in your riding, regardless of experience or ability. If you’ve a niggling urge or desperate desire to achieve something in cycling, we can help you. But how does it work?

Velosport coaching based in Andover provides structured training plans for all levels of cyclists.

Every rider starts by filling in a questionnaire which gives me some of the information we need to start planning, from there we can map out a 4 week plan to work towards specific goals. There are 3 plans to choose from starting at just £50 per month.

For some people, getting professional guidance is all about having a well designed training plan; others benefit from having support and a sounding board for their ideas and experiences. For many people, just being accountable to someone else renews their enthusiasm and commitment. Just the fact you’re paying for advice may motivate you more.

One important benefit is that less time is wasted. Whether it’s stripping back on ‘junk’ sessions in favour of more effective training, or 
someone spotting your mistakes and finding ways to develop 
better technique, we can help fast track you to a point that would have taken years on your own through trial and error.

A year’s coaching starts at £600 a year. Here are a few things that would cost a similar amount. What would make the most positive improvement in your life?

– Shimano C50 Wheelset £595

– Cappuccino at work every day, £2.75 = £660 per year

– Dinner for two (£50) once a month = £600

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