A police helicopter was spotted in Andover today, which, coupled with various Facebook posts, started rumours circulating about an armed man in the vicinity of a local Andover School, sparking distress amongst local parents.

A spokesperson for Vigo Junior School told Andover & Villages, “There was a report, this morning, of a man walking past the school, with what was thought to be holding a machete. However, neither the police nor the school had any firm evidence of this being the case. We think it may have just been a man carrying an umbrella.” The spokesperson went on to say, “We did lock the school gates for peace of mind, but all is quiet and well here and we were not, at any time, in lock down.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police told Andover & Villages, “We received one report this morning from a member of the public, of a man acting suspiciously. The report indicated the man was holding a weapon. Police Officers acted on the report immediately and conducted a search of the area, which did not reveal anything. Hampshire Police has no cause for concern.”

The public are reminded to contact the police on 101 or 999 with any suspicions of crime taking place.

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