Understanding and Healing Emotional TraumaWe are becoming increasingly aware of how widespread trauma is, and of the harm it causes not only to individuals but also to communities.

But what exactly is trauma? And how do we heal it?

When experiences leave us with a deeply held feeling that our world is not safe, survival systems are activated in our unconscious minds and bodies. These systems are designed to protect us from further harm, but they often backfire creating new cycles of trauma both in ourselves, and in those with whom we interact. Understanding how this works is crucial to healing trauma.

This talk will be suitable for anybody who is interested in psychology, as well as for mental health professions.

Daniela F. Sieff is a writer and speaker, with a PhD in anthropology. Her book, Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma: Conversations with Pioneering Clinicians and Researchers, has been widely praised by both therapists and by people who are trying to come to terms with their own trauma.

During the last couple of years Daniela has spoken at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic (London), the Royal Society of Arts (London), and Pacifica Graduate Institute (California) among other places.

For more information about Daniela or the book go to: http://www.danielasieff.com/

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