Castledown Enterprise Centre | Ultimate Relaxation with The Reiki Federation As we entered the Reiki Federation office we were overwhelmed by a wave of inner calm….to the point that interview questions become a jumbled muddle in a fuzzy haze.

According to Business Manager Doreen Sawyer this reaction is not uncommon and has happened many times before. The ancient Japanese art of focusing energy is renowned for aiding relaxation and stress-relief (although due to the lack of scientific proof claims about the benefits cannot be made). Doreen told Andover and Villages:

“Reiki is used a lot in hospices, hospitals and palliative care as it does have a very relaxing effect.”

The Federation was formed in 1999 following a growing demand for an organisation that encompassed all reiki styles. Doreen has been with the organisation since 2001 and has been a reiki practitioner for the last 16 years. As well as managing the day to day running of the centre alongside Senior Administrator and right-hand woman Louise, Doreen also attends international conferences as speaker.

The team have an enviable list of credentials and extensive knowledge that ensures Federation members receive invaluable support. Doreen and Louise are able to advise on insurance matters, offer education, training and regulation guidance as well as providing assistance for all of the organisations members.

The annual review and festival is due to take place on the 9th and 10th April with Reiki Master Don Alexander attending as guest speaker. The event presents the perfect opportunity for members to meet other reiki practitioners and associates.

After leaving the Reiki Federation it took so much time to shake off the feeling of complete relaxation I could hardly bring myself to write this artic…………..

You can speak to Doreen or Louise on 01264 791441 or for more information have a look at the website at

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