Local Politics | UKIP's Sue Perkins Questions Hustings AbsenceThe Kingsclere Hustings scheduled for last night (2nd May 2015) went ahead without Conservative parliamentary candidate Kit Malthouse.

UKIP candidate, Sue Perkins last night sent out a tweet suggesting that this illustrated a ‘contempt’ for the electorate.

Kit Malthouse’s absence follows criticism from Sue Perkins about not attending a business breakfast meeting in Andover organised for the candidates and not taking part in the local paper’s Q&A for candidates.

Andover & Villages spoke to Kit today to ask why he did not attend last night’s Hustings, he said, “I have done four hustings, eight public meetings, dozens of canvassing sessions and many visits during the campaign – more than any other candidate, in fact. I informed the commercial organisers of this event that I could not attend six weeks ago due to diary pressure on the busiest day of the whole campaign. For that reason, I was rather surprised to learn that they proceeded without informing attendees that I could not be there, despite me giving plenty of notice.”

The election takes place on Thursday 7th May 2015.

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