Local Politics | UKIP's Sue Perkins - It Will Be a Miracle to WinAndover’s UKIP group continue to bicker and argue amongst themselves as North West Hampshire readies itself for the May 2015 elections.

Emails leaked to Andover & Villages reveal that UKIP’s North West Hants Parliamentary Candidate, Sue Perkins fell out with her campaign manager, Daniel Emmerson over leaked information about a hip replacement surgery that Mrs Perkins is undergoing in July 2015.

Mrs Perkins says in the email that a family member told Daniel Emmerson about the operation when he arrived early to her home for a meeting and despite promising not to repeat the information, repeated the details openly to local UKIP group members. The email goes on to say that she was also aware of negative comments about her commitment because of continuing to work during the campaign.

In the email Mrs Perkins offers to step down but adds that if she did, the damage would be irreparable because of the adverse publicity following Diane James and Malcolm Bint already standing for UKIP in NW Hants and then stepping away from the candidacy, she declares, “It will actually be a miracle if I can overturn a 21000 Conservative majority.”

UKIP NW Hants member, Norman Woods replies to the email with the first line, “North West Hants Branch yet again finds itself in a position it could do without.”

Tony Hooke wades into the mire and dishes out advice to the party he publicly left and branded as ‘dirty old men in macs’.

Andover & Villages spoke to Sue Perkins for comment on the leaked emails, she said, “Andover & Villages should be focused on the candidates and not people trying to further their own political career.

“Party Politics aside, myself and the local UKIP group have people’s best interests at heart, I am invested in Andover, I stayed overnight so I could be at the business networking meeting last week, Kit Malthouse couldn’t even be bothered to turn up.

“I don’t have time for pettiness or personal attacks, this is the petty side of politics. I have a backlog of emails from possible constituents which is what I will be focussing on right now.”

      Dear Committee             Ann Williams, please forward this to other committee members whose email addresses I do not have.             I have found out tonight that my campaign manager, Dan Emmerson, has discussed my personal medical details with the NW Hampshire UKIP committee which I was unaware he was going to do. In a ‘workplace’ environment this should not happen.             I am due to have a hip replacement in July 2015 but this in no way prevents me from campaigning as has already been witnessed by members of the NW Hampshire Branch. If it would have prevented me campaigning, I would never have put myself forward to be the PPC. If I were to be elected, the operation would take place during Parliament recess and would only see me out of action for up to 4 weeks, more likely 2 or 3 from my consultants estimation. There is therefore no reason why I should have discussed this with the branch prior to the election on 7th May. It will actually be a miracle if I can overturn a 21000 Conservative majority but I have no reason to believe that I could not carry out an MP’s duties should I get elected. Indeed, Parliament does not discriminate against disabled people any way and nor should it. And UKIP stands for equality. Not that I expect for one minute to be disabled after the operation, quite the opposite.             Dan found out about this when he arrived early at my house one day and one of my family mentioned it. He said at the time that he was not going to discuss it with anyone. Consequently my dismay to find that it has been openly discussed without my knowledge. Personal medical details are confidential and, once discovered, should have been treated as such.             I have also had comments about my commitment because I still have to work during the campaign – I am self-employed and the main bread winner in my family: if I don’t work, I don’t get paid (no luxury of taking holiday and still getting a pay check). I am taking a substantial financial hit by not working full time during the campaign but this is a sacrifice I am prepared to make for the party. This is the nature of UKIP – ordinary people with ordinary lives, most of whom cannot afford to give up work completely for the election campaign.             If I didn’t believe so passionately in what UKIP stands for, then I might stand down right now but I wouldn’t do that to a party I believe in so strongly, especially after Diane stood down and the Malcom Bint situation. If I did, the damage would be irreparable in North West Hampshire through adverse publicity. However, if the branch wants me to stand down then please let me know asap.             Dan has resigned tonight as my campaign manager.             Yours sincerely      Sue Perkins


  Good Morning All,  North West Hants Branch yet again finds itself in a position it could do without.  Sue in her email asks the branch committee if we want her to stand down, as a member of the committee my answer to that is NO, DEFINITELY NOT.  As a member of the committee I would accept the majority decision that the committee makes without question.  Sue also says in her email that with the condition of her health she doe's not have a problem campaigning other than it being limited due to work commitments, I have no reason to believe otherwise.  We have a public meeting in Tadley this week, and I think I am correct in saying there are more booked/planned including one with the national media, TV etc, with this in mind and all the upheaval we have been through this last couple of months wouldn't Tony Hooke and the Tories etc love to see us tear our selves apart again.  Lets remember why we all joined UKIP and keep that goal in sight by giving Sue the best support we can to get the best result possible on May 7th, we can debate the rights and wrongs of the position we find our selves in after the election, it is only four weeks away!  Regards  Norman Woods  NW Hants


Dear Norman et al,  Contrary to what your assertion in paragraph 5 of your email to Susan, Tony Hooke would not like to see you tear yourselves apart yet again. I left the party because of the very poor way it was being run. I hold no vendetta whatsoever against any of you. May I suggest that you try and keep your ship in order and do so without blaming me for every twist and turn in your dismal campaign. You are starting to become a laughing stock in the community and far from being confidential, Susan's medical condition was drawn to my attention by a Liberal Democrat. As you said Norman, the branch has once again found itself in a position it could do without. My advice to Susan is to stick to the truth, don't lie to journalists or the public, it was quite obvious that the strain between you and Daniel would be made public. So why lie to Andover and Villages during an interview? My advice to you Daniel is to keep confidential issues confidential. The note of the 5th April headed Dear Committee, along with Norman's email dated  6th April should not have been committed to paper, never mind given out. And finally, I see that Rob Burberry has been included in this. What a , without that , none of this would have happened, Diane James would have still been NW Hants candidate and I would have still been running a very successful branch. So don't blame your sad problems on me, look to that !  Kind regards and best wishes  Tony  P.S  With Susan's hip problems, I am more than happy to give her a lift from Yateley to Andover and back, at any time that she is unable to drive. She is quite right, nobody should discriminate against her because of her age or illness, least of all the people in UKIP.

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