Local News | UKIP's Diane James Stands Down As Local CandidateUKIP’s parliamentary candidate for North West Hampshire, Diane James, has quit the race for MP today, citing ‘personal reasons’.

Hampshire County Councillor, Tony Hooke, quit UKIP last week, slating the party as ‘shallow’ and branding members as ‘dirty old men in macs’.

Andover & Villages spoke to Diane James last week, regarding Cllr Hooke’s resignation from UKIP, to which she said, “I have not heard from Tony in a while and am unaware that he is no longer connected to UKIP; it would certainly be news to me.”

At the same time, Diane James confirmed to Andover & Villages that she is still running as a parliamentary candidate for North West Hampshire.

Diane James was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Rumours are circulating that Cllr Hooke will be standing as an independent parliamentary candidate, but this week he declined to confirm, telling Andover & Villages “I haven’t decided yet.”