In response to the PDSA’s announcement of the ‘UK’s fattest pets and the PDSA bosses blaming an explosion in pet obesity on owners who should use “common sense” instead of printed instructions when weighing out portions, have launched a new campaign ‘Fetch Pet Dinners’.

‘Fetch Pet Dinners’ encourages owners to think a little more about the importance of health and nutrition in their beloved pet’s diets.

According to a survey conducted by , the online pet store from Ocado, one in three Brits (35 per cent) admit to feeding their pets scraps directly from the dinner table, putting their health at risk. Even though over half the nation (53 per cent) believe that nutrition and good quality ingredients play a vital part in their pet food choices, they are filling their bowls with food that is potentially doing more harm than good.

Case studies:

Case study 1: Penny Catchpole, Winchester (images of Sammy before and after attached)

”I used to feed my dog Sammy chocolate and biscuits as well as the leftovers from our roast dinner on a Sunday, with eyes like hers it was difficult to say no! But what I didn’t realise was that I was pretty much killing her with kindness when my vet told me how I was putting her health at risk. So I created a new diet plan for her and she lost so much weight! The results from show there is still so much that owners need to be aware of and how an appropriate diet will make sure their pets live a full and happy lives.”

Case study 2: Francesca Scott, Central London (images of Willow before and after attached)

“Willow was a very pampered pet and I regularly fed her biscuits and other treats from the dining table. What I didn’t realise though was that every biscuit I was feeding her was the equivalent of us eating the whole packet! As soon as I stopped feeding her biscuits the weight literally fell off her. She is now on an appropriate diet and as a result is a much healthier, fitter and, more importantly, happier cat!”

Do you feed your pets treats and scraps from your own plate?  Tell us below!

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