Chantry centre andover

The Chantry Centre will fill two more empty units after the Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) provided fresh tenants for the vacant stores!

The companies have benefited from the simple and easy-to-use TVBC occupancy contracts, which have been implemented by TVBC to attract pop-ups.

The Council also expects to provide a platform for companies, organizations and local service providers to increase their profiles, as well as for empty stores.

Icon Furniture, a new shop, will relocate into a former Chantry Furtnitre close to Sports Direct. In the meantime, in the former Pandora facility will open pop-up jewellery and watch outlet shop. Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, the London Links and Clogau will be included among the brands. This is ideal for Christmas present from October to mid-January!

Councilor Phil North, head of the Test Valley Borough Council said: “I am very glad we had two fresh tenants secured. It is a tough time for retail in the UK, but Test Valley Borough Council has been working hard to reduce the number of empty units in the Chantry Centre.

Pop-up stores operate well in a multitude of ways and as we see a growing focus on recreation and living in town centres, there is a true chance for innovative activities to attempt something fresh.

“These short-term contracts offer individuals the chance to test the water and introduces a range of shops to the town. Anyone interested in a pop-up store in Chantry Center is invited on 01264 368000 or email to Colin Hares, a valuer at Test Valley Borough Council.

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