Andover have come out in their masses to support a local business, after complaints were made about the noise coming from music nights laid on by the popular local cafe and night spot.

Butters Cafe have been a big feature in Andover’s night life over the last two years, putting on music nights, using local talent and often bringing in bigger acts from across the UK.

Test Valley Borough Council have received 3 complaints from residents living in the area, regarding the noise levels during entertainment evenings. Butters have launched an online petition to stop TVBC from closing them down, however TVBC say that they have spent time advising Butters and are not about to close the local family business down.

Andover Advertising with Andover & VillagesAndover & Villages asked TVBC for clarification on the complaints, portfolio holder for housing and environmental health, Councillor Sandra Hawke, said: “The council does do all it can to support local businesses. And Butters has received a great deal of help and support from their local ward councillors in particular, to try to help them to resolve any issues they have faced since opening in the town. That said, we also have a statutory duty to investigate noise complaints. We have received three noise complaints to date and have followed these up with Butters as we would do with any other business or resident.

“At no point have we suggested that Butters close, or stipulated that they make changes that would cause them to close. We have not asked them to install double glazing as this would be cost prohibitive, nor would it be practical for such a large expanse of window frontage. In any case, this would not solve the noise problem, as the main issue is with noise leaking through the doors when they are propped open. We did suggest that they fit a self-closing mechanism on their doors and prevent customers from pinning the doors open, to help address this. We also gave them advice around managing the volume of the music and ensuring that the music does not go beyond 11pm.

“We sincerely hope that Butters will be able to resolve these issues and will be able to thrive, as they are a valuable addition to the town centre.”

The petition has the full support of Test Valley Borough Council’s own Mayor, Karen Hamilton who wrote, “This type of venue is what the town needs, if you move into a flat in a high street you will get noise, get over it.”

You can read and sign the petition by clicking here

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