Kit Malthouse

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Conservative Cllr Phil North has today announced his intention to back Boris Johnson as the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Taking to Facebook, Phil North stated his reasons for the decision, acknowledging that Boris Johnson would also be our next Prime Minister if successful.

“I’m Backing Boris. For two reasons:

“First, to deliver Brexit – which is absolutely critical if we are going to restore faith in our democracy and for the Conservative Party to remain an election-winning force in British politics.

“Second, to bring the country back together – and run an administration based on modern one-nation Conservatism. Boris reaches out to parts of the electorate that other politicians simply don’t. He did it as Mayor of London and he’ll do it again as Prime Minister.”

Boris Johnson also has the full backing of North Hampshire’s Conservative MP, Kit Malthouse, who initially threw his hat into the ring for the role as leader of the conservative party, but backed out of the race at the beginning of June.

Kit Malthouse told the Evening Standard; “I worked with Boris as Mayor. I saw the leadership he showed, the team he built, and the policies we delivered first hand,” Mr Malthouse, who was deputy mayor for policing, and later for business and enterprise, told The Standard.

“Tackling poverty, cutting crime — particularly knife crime, building the homes people need and delivering a cleaner, greener city. What he did for London he can do for the whole of Britain.”

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