Andover land

The Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) calls upon landowners to define places for future homes, stores and companies.

The Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) is a technical paper that offers property data accessible around the municipality. This paper is then used by the agency as a basis of proof when producing the Local Plan and will be accessible in the future to societies seeking to create neighborhood schemes to recognize places that might be appropriate for growth.

The board is publishing a’ call to locations’ and requesting farmers to assist the agency in identifying locations that may be appropriate for use in accommodation or other financial reasons.

The SHELAA assists the board with site data for prospective accommodation, economic development, self-construction homes, and Gypsy and Traveling Showpeople.

County councilor Nick Adams-King, planning office owner, said: “This is a very significant item of job for the board and will assist us define potential locations where future homes could be constructed in the municipality.

“While, of course, we are not at the stage of allocating land for certain purposes, this is the first step in looking at how and where to do this in the future. We will, of necessity, consult with the media and our councilors before we do so to guarantee that everyone has a choice where fresh developments are taking position. We are very fond of our Test Valley residential service and we are always looking forward to seeing how we can retain and enhance these high standards. “The evaluation is being performed to guarantee that, as well as fresh locations, those earlier recognized by the government are still accessible and to update data.

See for details of the SHELAA evaluation and application process.

The submission period of eight weeks began on September 6 and on Friday, November 1, the closing date for submissions is 12 pm. Submissions can be sent to or published to Planning Policy, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ.

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