The Pharmacy in Tesco Extra in Andover has recently become the subject of dissatisfied chatter across Andover and it’s villages.

Customers are regularly reporting that the pharmacy is unable to locate prescriptions, with staff leaving people waiting for up to 30 minutes as they scour baskets and shelves looking, seemingly in vain, for prescriptions that have long been submitted.

In December 2016, the pharmacy lost prescription requests from patients following a computer error, one customer told Andover & Villages, “I was at the pharmacy when they were experiencing some issues and all the systems were down.

“The pharmacist was asking people what they thought they usually took and was giving out enough medication to ‘tide them over’ until the systems were back up.”

A receptionist at a local Andover Dr Surgery said, “Tesco Pharmacy in Andover is currently losing everyone’s prescriptions, we don’t know what is going on there at the moment.”

Another Andover resident sent in a picture of the shelves at the front of the pharmacy counter, that are caked in dust, crumbs and dirt, the customer said, “How disgusting that a pharmacy of all places isn’t cleaned regularly and properly, I know this isn’t a one off as I noticed it several weeks on the trot before I took a photo to send it to you.”

Andover & Villages contacted Tesco to ask about the issues the pharmacy were experiencing, a spokesperson said, “We have fixed the technical issue that led to delays in our Andover Extra pharmacy and we’d like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this has caused. We’ve also recently recruited extra colleagues to work in this pharmacy and make sure our service is fast and reliable for our customers.”

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