Andover Travellers set up camp on Roman Way Park

Yesterday (Tuesday 17th September 2019) the group of travellers that were camped on the Saxon Heights area of Augusta Park were moved on by police and bailiffs.

When the police arrived to execute the eviction notice, there was a verbal altercation between officers and the male travellers, after which the men from the group returned to their camp and sat in chairs in the sun. Around an hour later, the travellers packed up, and moved on, leaving behind a significant amount of rubbish and debris.

Video courtesy of Emily Carter

As the police followed, the travellers drove down the Smannell Road and then up on to the green space area next to the skate ramp on Roman Way Park area, where they remain today (Wednesday 18th September 2019).

Of course, this means that any eviction paperwork is not valid for the new site and the authorities will now have to seek yet another eviction process to remove them from there.

A different set of travellers is currently camped out at Picket Twenty.

This week Cllr Phil North has vowed to pursue an injunction for the whole of the Andover area that would mean that the moment travellers set down in the area, they could be immediately moved on.

More to follow..

Phil North Vows to Take on the Travellers Head on

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