Andover travellers saxon field
Credit @ Jo Trace

TRAVELLERS relocated to another park in Andover just days after evictions were executed forcing the travellers to move on from Anton Trading Estate.

In Kiel Drive, Saxon Fields, several caravans and cars have put up residence on the park.

Eyewitnesses said yesterday evening, Tuesday, the group came around 10.30pm and forced their way through the metal fences surrounded the park

Test Valley Borough Council and policemen were on the ground talking to the travellers.

The appearance of the travellers occurs a few days after moving on from Walworth Business Park and Anton Trading Estate, abandoning behind a path of garbage.

A spokesman for the borough council said, “We are conscious of the travellers who compelled admission to Saxon Fields, Andover, and have started the procedures needed to guarantee that the band was withdrawn as rapidly as feasible.

“We bring safety very severely and I am thankful for the job of board policemen who took swift and efficient action again.”

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