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A set of travellers arrived in Andover less than a week ago with their first ‘appearance’ seemingly one that represented a ‘We Don’t Care’ attitude. Their arrival to the Charlton playing field saw them ‘ripping open’ a gate with 30 or so caravans, vans and cars parading in, running over a child’s toy who was playing football some yards away with his Dad and brother.

Later that day, the travellers moved on into the Andover Town Centre and set up camp in the car park near to Sainsburys by St Mary’s Church. Locals report much mess and jeering comments as they walked past. The police were able to move the travellers on by the evening of 13th August 2013 but they merely moved to another Andover location at Picket Twenty, seemingly blocking the pathway to Micheldever Road, locals again report feeling intimidated by their presence.

On the whole, the local response to the travellers has not been positive. If you see the travellers move on to another location or want your experiences of this particular set of travellers published, then please email in to

Time Line

11th August 2013 – Travellers first appear at Charlton playing fields next to the BMX track, seemingly bursting threw the gates and tearing into the field.

11th August 2013 PM – The travellers move on to the car park near Sainsburys and set up camp. Local reports of jeering at passers by.

13th August 2013 – Police move the travellers on who leave behind them dog mess and litter.

13th August 2013 PM – Travellers appear on the path to Micheldever Road at Picket Twenty, locals are intimated to the point of not wishing to walk past.

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