Local News | Travellers Blamed for Friday Chaos in Andover Shops | Andover & VillagesChaos descended on Andover Town Centre on Friday, with two shops falling victim to anti social behaviour.

Penny’s needlework, craft and wool shop in Shaws Walk was subjected to a threatening and aggressive attack by two men, identified by a member of the public as being part of the traveller group that had illegally parked in the George Yard car park.

Andover & Villages spoke to owner, Penny Sinclair who said, “Two men appeared in Shaws Walk and started throwing around the rolls of material that are displayed outside of the shop.

“I went outside and asked them to stop, which they did. They then entered the shop and started to throw around the stock, there were polystyrene balls being thrown all over the floor as I stood as the doorway watching them. Then they went to the cash register and tried to open it, I ran over and grabbed the key out of it and threw my body over the top of it to stop them taking the money.

“I started screaming at them to leave the shop, but they wouldn’t leave and they laughed all the way through the whole incident.

“Eventually they left the shop, I was very shaken and scared, but I wanted to protect my shop and the money in the cash register.”

Meanwhile, the New Look store in the Chantry Centre was subjected to a more disgusting incident, after human excrement was found on the shop floor. Despite rumours spreading across Andover suggesting this also involved the George Yard travellers, the store manager confirmed to Andover & Villages today that staff were unaware of who had left the unpleasant package for staff to clean up.

The travellers moved on from Andover’s George Yard Car Park during Friday afternoon (3rd June 2016).



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