Travellers at Picket Twenty

Around 40 vehicles gained access to the urban park at Picket Twenty at approximately 11pm on Tuesday 18 September. Test Valley Borough Council has been working with the police to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. The police have now issued a Section 61 notice requiring the group to leave.  

Corporate portfolio holder, Councillor Maureen Flood, said: “We are very grateful to our police colleagues for their help in resolving this matter.

 “Over the past few weeks Test Valley Borough Council has dealt with a number of instances of travellers trespassing on council land. We do all we can to protect our sites against trespassers but where groups forcibly gain access we seek to remove them as quickly as possible. This often requires us to pursue court action. Once evicted, we undertake a review of the security at the affected site and put in place appropriate measures to try to prevent any further unauthorised access.”

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