Top Up your Vitamin D with Seven Seas

We have all know that a much-needed break, with the bonus of some sunshine is good for us. But, now experts have proved that it is also good for your heart and vitamin D levels*.

As featured in this week’s Daily Mail, Professor of medicine Brent Muhlestein said:

‘Although vitamin D levels above 30 were traditionally considered to be normal, more recently, some researchers have proposed that anything above 15 was a safe level. But the numbers hadn’t been backed up with research until now. Even if any level above 15 is safe, one out of 10 people still have vitamin D levels lower than that. This equates to a very large percentage of our population. The best way to determine one’s vitamin D level is by getting a blood test”

Seven Seas know all too well that many of us might not have the luxury of jetting off to a hot country to top-up our vitamin D. This is why the brand have created Cod Liver Oil High Strength capsules (also available in liquid form).

“During the winter months in London it is not possible for anyone to make Vitamin D from the sun – no matter what their skin type – but for dark and black skinned people even in summer they would need about two hours of exposure which is hard to achieve,” comments Dietician Helen Bond, “There are just 4 foods which naturally contain Vitamin D: oily fish (like mackerel), eggs, mushrooms and cod liver oil.”

Seven Seas contains simple goodness in every drop!

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