Motoring News | Top Ten Cheap to Run and Safely Driven Cars | Andover & VillagesRunning costs, insurance group, price and condition may all be part of the selection criteria for a young driver’s first car, but data from telematics devices can now reveal which low cost cars are associated with safer driving behaviours. Telematics solutions provider Wunelli, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company, has named the Fiat® Panda, Kia Picanto and Citroen® C3 as the top three most safely driven low cost cars[1] based on analysis of driving scores and insurance claims. With young drivers being the hardest hit by the rising cost of insurance, the new analysis will give cash-strapped new drivers and their parents an additional factor to consider when making that first car choice.

Wunelli’s analysis of driving behaviour recorded via telematics devices also shows that three of the Auto Express Top Ten List of Cheapest Cars to Run 2017[2] are associated with better driving behaviours and lower accident frequency – Kia Picanto, Nissan® Micra and Toyota® Aygo.

Wunelli’s analysis shows the top ten list of more safely driven, low cost cars are:

1. Fiat Panda (best)

2. Kia Picanto

3. Citroen C3

4. Nissan Micra

5. Toyota Yaris

6. Peugeot® 107

7. Toyota Aygo

8. Suzuki® Alto

9. Ford® Ka

10. Hyundai® Getz

Selim Cavanagh, Vice President, Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK & Ireland, says: “Novice drivers are facing increasing costs to get on the road and when it comes to selecting that all important first car, it’s not just running costs that should be taken into account – any knowledge that can be gleaned on how safely that model tends to be driven should also help. But now telematics data can take the selection process one step further and support young drivers and their parents in making a more informed decision. With our analysis they have a ‘double whammy’ benefit of choosing a first car that’s both economical and known to be driven more safely when a telematics policy is in place. “By making this information available we hope to encourage more motorists to choose telematics policies, not just for those crucial early years when bad habits can be formed as confidence improves, but beyond, enabling insurers to provide cover based on actual driving behaviour rather than predictions of how they might drive. “Our analysis underlines the power of telematics in supporting increased driver safety and its potential in supporting vehicle choice for the next generation of drivers.”

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