Health News | Three Ways to Stop the Snaccidents | Andover & VillagesSummer is just around the corner so inevitably the race to shed a few pounds is most definitely on, but instead of partaking in the latest exercise trend or teatox, maybe it’s time to tackle the issue at hand and eliminate the one ingredient that for years has been proven to be the primary factor for weight gain – sugar!

We all look to our fave celebs for inspo, but rather than those who make the front page following their dramatic weight-loss, it’s the likes of A List movie stars such as Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson who we cannot help but envy. Even as they age, they appear to be in better shape than ever and it’s not down to any form of quick fix! Their secret? No refined sugar! Yes, it’s as simple as that. What’s not that simple is cutting it out, as refined sugar is highly addictive.

According to Dr. Robert Lustig, pediatric endocrinologist, and Dr. Elissa Epel, psychologist, “sugar and other junk foods, due to their powerful effect on the reward centres of the brain, function very similarly to drugs of abuse like cocaine and nicotine”.

Nothing works as effectively as a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise but for those who have more than just one sweet tooth, there are a few weird but wonderful ways in which you can help satisfy that niggling sugar craving on the go…

Swap your sweets for Slissie

Ever wondered why you begin to salivate after smelling something tasty? Psychologist and best-selling author Corinne Sweet explains why, “The taste (and smell) of food can send messages to the hypothalamus in the brain, so that we are preparing to experience the food itself – it prepares the stomach to receive the food, and gets the gastric juices flowing. If we are wanting to ‘trick’ the stomach (and therefore the brain) into thinking we have satisfied our appetite, quite often people will smell some food and drink water, as a way of sending a ‘full’ message to the brain.”

Enter Slissie – the new and innovative anti-snacking aid! If you’re after a foolproof way to fully curb your cravings, now is the time to make this your new handbag essential! By using a mix of mint, fruit and vanilla olfactory stimulants, Slissie will give you the helping hand you need to shed those stubborn pounds before beach season.

Corrine explains how this lipstick sized device (available at from £39.99) works, “the smell (olfactory senses) and taste (tastebuds) combining to trick the brain into thinking the appetite has been satisfied; ‘sensory boredom’ can mean you have satisfied the craving for a particular taste and no longer need to pursue it once it is satiated.”

After you’ve chosen from one of the five delicious flavours, suck on the device like you would a straw and watch your sugar craving crumble away!

Take a time out with some Tetris

If a craving flares up midday when you least expect it, replace your 11am Instagram scroll with a quick game of Tetris. It may sound slightly peculiar but after a growing body of research, it has been proven that thinking and concentrating on other visual imagery is an effective way to curb hedonic hunger.

Stretch it out

Another somewhat unconventional way to curb a craving is by indulging in a quick 5 minute yoga session! According to Tara Munro, a certified yoga instructor who specializes in weigh loss, “we tend to have cravings when we’re distracted from boredom or stress; when you’re tense or trying to avoid a task”. Particularly good poses to attempt are child’s pose and standing forward bend, so next time you’re sitting at your desk and find yourself tempted to reach for the biscuit tin, take 5-10 minutes and stretch away the sugar craving!

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