Lifestyle News | Three in Five Brits  are 'WINNING' at Life | Andover & VillagesThree in five Brits reckon they are ‘WINNING’ at life.

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed the majority of the nation are more than happy with their current lot.

Overall 63 per cent were positive about their current situation when it comes to key aspects of their daily lives such as family life, social life and finances.

One quarter of Britons even went as far as to claim they are at the top of their game in their career and another three in 10 were happy in their relationship.

Another 25 per cent are content with their bank balance and one fifth chalk up their current physical health as a major life victory.

Greg Tatton-Brown from online casino, which commissioned the study, said: “When life gives you lemons it’s important to stop and take stock of the situation once in a while – you may be in a more positive spot than you think.

“More than money or possessions, the things in life which really make us feel like number one are based around the meaningful relationships in our lives.”

One in two Brits feel like a winner when they are surrounded by their family, while a third gets a little life in spirits when they are with their friends.

According to those surveyed, starting and maintaining a happy, healthy family is the biggest win in life we can hope to achieve, followed by meeting your soulmate.

Maintaining your health into old age, achieving financial security and owning your own home are also considered some of life’s biggest wins.

As for the goals we are still chasing, early retirement is the life victory Brits are striving hardest for, followed by paying off the mortgage.

For most of those surveyed our twenties are the time when we are most likely to feel like we are winning at life.

But where there are winners there are losers, and 22 per cent feel like they have never been on the winning side of life.

A third of Brits wish they could score a few more victories when it comes to their physical health, and three in ten feel like losers in love.

Forty four per cent want to improve their financial situation and one in eight wish they had been dealt a better hand with their looks.

Four in five feel they are underachieving in life compared to the majority of their friends, and 63 per cent have felt like a loser at one time or another in their life.

A quarter think you have to be naturally charismatic to be a winner at life, but four in five believe some people are just born naturally luckier than others.

Greg Tatton-Brown added: “Even with so many positive things happening around us in other aspects of our lives, it can be difficult not to fixate on the things we want to improve.

“We hope this helps people to motivate themselves to change their situation, rather than getting too down about it!

“And while it seems many of us think luck has a part to play in all life’s little wins, there is also an argument to be made about turning a situation around using your own effort and determination.”

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1. Having a family

2. Meeting your true love

3. Being financially secure

4. Staying / becoming healthy and physically fit

5. Getting married

6. Buying your own home

7. Living to a ripe old age

8. Getting an education

9. Having a successful career

10. Landing your dream job


1. George Clooney

2. Ed Sheeran

3. Adele

4. Holly Willoughby

5. Phillip Schofield

6. Beyonce

7. Brad Pitt

8. Jennifer Aniston

9. David Tennant

10. Matt Damon

11. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

12. Taylor Swift

13. Jennifer Lawrence

14. Angelina Jolie

15. Jennifer Lopez

16. Bradley Walsh

17. Taylor Swift

18. Jay Z

19. Bruno Mars

20. Kim Kardashian


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