Local News | No More Thomas Says the Fat Controllers | Andover & VillagesAndover Mums are not happy after leaked news has suggested a popular book stand in Andover Library will be removed from the children’s area in 2018.

A member of staff at Andover’s Library disclosed that the popular Thomas the Tank Engine feature will be dumped when the library refurbishment takes place in 2018.

Andover mum, Kirsty Lobb wrote the following to Andover Library and implores other concerned Mums to do the same: 

“I’ve heard the library is ear-marked for a refurbishment, and within this, the centrepiece of the children’s library – the train – is due to be removed. This train is not only useful as it holds books but, it brings so much joy to children who visit. My son wants to go ‘to the train in the library’ each time we are in town; we spend time with the train, read a book or two, and then take a book out. It’s a lovely experience.

As far as I can see, the train is still fit for purpose and merely shows signs of the joyful interactions it has experienced by the children of Andover over many many years. Being old doesn’t mean it ought to be removed, and surely the fact that it is so often used highlights it is an important piece in the library. Please reconsider…”

A Hampshire County Council spokesperson said: “As part of refurbishment plans, we are working with our designers on future layout options for the children’s library. We appreciate that Thomas the Tank Engine is a popular feature with our young readers, and at this stage it is too early to say whether the stand will be replaced.

“We are looking to refurbish Andover Library in 2018, as part of our Library Strategy – to invest in modern and vibrant community hubs for reading, learning and family activities. Further details will be released nearer the time.”

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