The UK gambling industry is worth a reported £14.3 billion, according to a 2019 report in, with 37% of this value coming from online casino and bingo websites. Its rising popularity can be a source of inspiration to Andover’s traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as they look to attract new audiences. We look at the key reasons behind the rising popularity of online gambling.

First and foremost, and perhaps most obviously, convenience is a huge factor in the popularity of online casinos. No need to get dressed up to the nines, no need to turn it into a big night out and no need to travel any distance at all. People are enticed by the fact they can remain in the comfort of their own home and engage with casino offerings at any time they see fit. Mobile apps have added another layer of convenience as online gambling platforms are now available on-the-go. A focus on comfort and familiarity could help traditional casinos to attract similar consumers.

Online gambling sites also offer attractive promotions and bonuses. These offers can give players a risk-free head-start as they get used to differing websites, whilst loyalty programmes are also effective in encouraging users to stay with them for further rewards. Matched bonuses give players an edge which they can use to play classic favourites like roulette in a non-traditional format, which can make online casinos such as attractive to users. Many also give the player the opportunity to play-for-free, providing players with a safe space in which they can get to grips with differing facets of the site. Physical casinos could also offer promotions to attract punters with loyalty schemes to keep them coming back.

Versatility is also a key strength of online casino sites as they often offer thousands of different slots and games to choose from. Users are therefore likely to find a particular online format which suits their tastes and keeps them returning consistently. The variety and vibrancy of online slots in particular provide a depth of gameplay which keeps users returning to the site. Physical casinos can learn from this by having rotating slot machines offering new experiences with each visit.

Online casinos are showing a huge commitment to technological progression with Virtual Reality being tested as a potential future path. This could take online casinos even closer to

replicating the experience of being inside a ‘real-life’ casino without the player having to leave their own home. Online gambling sites already offer a range of social interaction platforms in order to facilitate an environment for a growing community in which fellow users can chat whilst they play. Virtual reality could take this a step further and allow social interaction to feel fully immersive. This is an area in which physical casinos still have an edge with the ability to offer people face-to-face interactions in a fun environment.

New casinos and bingo halls continue to be built across the country, as reported in, so there is clearly still appetite for traditional venues. However, there is always room for progress amongst the gambling venues in Andover and they can learn from certain aspects of the online casino experience. There is plenty of room for online and traditional casinos to succeed and they can continue to learn from each other through a healthy sense of competition.

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