The Sound of Music Thanks to Andover RotaryThe Rotary Club of Andover have kindly donated a new Radio and CD player to Andover Young Carers after discovering that the last unit had failed beyond repair.

Ian Yeo, Chairman of the Community and Vocational Committee presented the CD player on Thursday 25th June to members of Andover Young Carers. The award was made successful through the involvement of Cllr Chris Lynn who presented the request to Andover Rotary.

Sarah Affleck said ‘We are always grateful to The Rotary Club of Andover for their on-going support. We know how much it means for young carers to come along to the Bungalow, relax and spend time with others in the same position. Now they can resume letting their hair down to music, a particular favourite at meal times, when music adds to the relaxing atmosphere for them.’

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