Health & Lifestyle News | The Perfect Recipe for a Sunday | Andover & VillagesThe perfect Sunday consists of waking up at 8:30am to the smell of breakfast cooking, a cuddle and three hours of television, according to new research.

A quarter of Brits dream about an ideal weekend morning which starts with a Full English breakfast in bed.

And a third always like to start their Sunday morning with a cup of tea or coffee, before pottering around the house for a leisurely hour.

A further 23 per cent then like a morning stroll before stopping for a few drinks in the beer garden or relaxing on the sofa before a Sunday Roast served at 3:15pm in the afternoon.

Following that, 43 per cent of people love to settle down to a good movie – such as Indiana Jones or Dirty Dancing – while 40 per cent want to relax with the family.

Henry Swift, a spokesman for Harveys, which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults to find the secrets to the perfect Sunday, said: “We know the value of a relaxing Sunday spent at home with the family. At Harveys, we can easily facilitate lunchtime around the dining table and afternoon films on the sofa, the only thing we can’t do is cook the Sunday roast for you – so we’ve done the next best thing by offering guidance from a professional chef.”

Even the Sunday Roast can be served to perfection if people know how – with three slices of beef, four roast potatoes and gravy all over the plate, but not drowning the food, a must.

The perfect roast would also include a healthy helping of carrots, stuffing balls, broccoli and peas, and would be enjoyed with a partner, as well as mum and dad. And despite a dinner plate overloaded with food, the average still wants to tuck into an apple crumble or cheesecake following the main meal.

The study found a perfect Sunday would consist of 3 hours and 16 minutes of television, with favourite shows including the football, Call the Midwife and Sherlock. Other elements which make up the perfect Sunday include sunny weather for 61 per cent of folk while 52 per cent want quality time with a partner.

For a third of people polled, spending time with the children is what Sundays are all about, while 36 per cent will enjoy the day more if they don’t have to do any chores. A third of people like to relax in the pub on the last day of the weekend, and 28 per cent use this free time to take a day trip.

Visiting the family is important to 27 per cent, while 22 per cent say the perfect Sunday would always involve seeing friends.

And the perfect Sunday will finish at a reasonably early bedtime of 10:15pm, as people want to feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

The spokesman for Harveys Furniture continues: “Sundays will continue to be a day of rest and recuperation, preparing us for the busy week ahead”.


– Wake at 8:30am to the smell of breakfast and coffee brewing

– Have a cuddle with loved ones

– Eat a Full English in bed

– Potter around the house for an hour

– Take a stroll / brisk walk

– A few pints in the pub

– Relax on the sofa

– Sunday Roast served at 3:15pm

– Eat with four guests

– Settle down to a good movie

– Relax with the family

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