Good Food | The Nation's Favourite Biscuit is.....The humble Chocolate Digestive has been voted the nation’s favourite biscuit in a new survey.

The digestive trounced the Chocolate Hobnob and the Custard Cream in a poll of 2,000 UK adults.

Shortbread came fourth, ahead of Jaffa Cakes, choc chip cookies, plain digestives, Ginger Nuts, Bourbon and Chocolate Fingers.

Other biscuits to feature in the top 20 included Rich Tea, Jammie Dodgers, Nice and Viennese Creams.

But when it comes to finding the perfect biscuit to dunk, plain Digestives went down best, closely followed by chocolate Digestives and Chocolate Hobnobs.

Rich Tea biscuits came in fourth place while the Ginger Nut finished off the top five best dunkers.

One in 10 Brits said there was no such thing as a “bad biscuit” for dunking, although three quarters of disappointed respondents said their treat had broken off “mid-dunk”.

But a third aren’t put off if this happens as they’ll just continue drinking their tea despite the mush that gathers at the bottom.

Only one in 10 would throw their brew away altogether should their biscuit break off and then make a fresh new cup.

The research was commissioned by Blue Cross pet charity to celebrate its national Paws for Tea fund-raising tea party, which takes place on Friday (15th May).

Spokesman Andrew Gillon said: “We all know us Brits love a brew and our poll showed that on average we consume three cups of tea or coffee in a typical day, two of which will be enjoyed with a biscuit or two as a treat.

“We hope lots of people will be indulging and paws-ing For Tea this week.

“Whatever your favourite biscuit or how you like to eat it, Paws for Tea is the purr-fect excuse to enjoy it, even more in the knowledge you are helping to raise money for pets in need.

“Blue Cross cares for over 40,000 sick, injured and homeless pets every year and it’s events like this that make it possible.”

To find out how to host your own Paws for Tea tea party visit or call 0300 790 9903.

Nation’s favourite biscuits

1. Chocolate Digestive

2. Chocolate Hobnob

3. Custard Cream

4. Shortbread

5. Jaffa Cake

6. Choc Chip Cookie

7. Digestive

8. Ginger Nut

9. Chocolate Bourbon

10. Chocolate Fingers

11. Rich Tea

12. Oreos

13. Malted Milk

14. Dark Chocolate Digestives

15. Jammie Dodgers

16. Plain Hobnobs

17. Fox’s Creams

18. White Choc Chip Cookie

19. Nice

20. Viennese Creams

Top 10 best dunking biscuits

1. Digestive

2. Chocolate Digestives

3. Chocolate Hobnobs

4. Rich Tea

5. Ginger Nut

6. Custard Creams

7. Plain Hobnob

8. Malted Milk

9. Chocolate Bourbon

10. Shortbread

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