Local Politics | The Green party Clean up Andover's LitterThe litter situation in Andover is serious. The good news is that your local Green candidates have been out lending a helping hand to the Friends of Ladies Walk litter pick.

Friends of Ladies Walk is a new community initiative, supported by TVBC and its Lady Mayor. Its aim is to care for one of Andover’s prized assets and to encourage local people to become involved.

Whilst the Andover Green Party is still very young, its members and supporters have been helping out in the community for a long time. We believe that grassroots initiatives and community projects are important in creating a thriving local economy. The party is welcoming new members every week to help out with events of this nature.

Local council candidate for Millway Dean Marriner said, “The litter team was made up of seven local volunteers and we collected nearly twenty bags. I would like to encourage more members of the public to get involved with projects like this.

“It took just one hour on a Saturday morning, which meant I still had the rest of my day to spend with my family. I felt good all weekend, knowing that I had helped out and made a difference for my community.”

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