The George, Vernham Dean, Beer and Music Festival

We decided to attend this local Beer and Music Festival on the morning of the Saturday and rang the pub to make sure they wouldn’t mind us coming along and taking pictures, we spoke to the very lovely and accommodating landlady who was very pleased to have us. We had noticed that popular local singer, Gray Smith was there performing along with Claire-Marie Conlin so we made sure we got there to listen to his act.

We pulled up to a full front car park which was a good sign, luckily we were able to get a good space on the main road outside and quickly unloaded to some lovely tunes wafting through the air.

We entered the busy pub and approached the bar to be served fairly quickly by one of the young girls and the round of one alcoholic drink and 4 non alcoholic drinks came to £10.50, which isn’t bad at all.

We went straight out into the garden where Gray and Claire-Marie were performing, it was so very good and I was very impressed by the maturity Gray is now bringing to his performances after I saw him perform for the first time early on in his gigging career. One of my favourites of the afternoon was ‘Stay’, originally by Lisa Loeb – what a beautiful song well done, also a tip of the hat to the old Roller Discos was ‘I think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany – so cool!

The Beer Garden was pretty busy, despite the pub expecting tomorrow to be much busier, we tried a half of Cornish Coaster which was delicious and then a half of Derail Ale which I wasn’t so keen on and felt like it had a after taste, I could have drunk Cornish Coaster all afternoon whilst listening to some cool tunes.

My children had some chips from the bar and the pub dog, Tilly who is a new Mum wanted to share them , it did make me and singer Claire-Marie laugh as I tried to avoid the slobber!

Towards the end of our visit the BBQ was fired up and was festooned with yummy burgers, sausages and chicken, it smelled so delicious and had we not already got dinner in the oven, we would have stayed.

As we got into the car, Gray and Claire-Marie started a rendition of a George Michael song, I almost ran back in as George is my Hero (Which is why I am not allowed to be running the Music side of things!)

You really must go and visit this gorgeous country pub tomorrow for more music, a HOG ROAST and lovely management and staff, we will probably go again!

Full Music Review here:

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