The Demolition of Enham Trust’s Cedar Park

The demolition of leading disability charity Enham Trust’s historic Cedar Park development has now begun – as plans take shape to make way for a Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, opening in 2017.

Cedar Park, which was originally opened in the 1950s, has been unused for almost 20 years and remains one of the charity’s most iconic buildings – owing to its rich and varied history.

Set to open in the spring of 2017, Enham Trust’s 14-bed Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, coupled with the development of 81 new fully accessible homes, represents a step-change in the opportunities the Trust are able to offer disabled people to live the lives they choose and achieve social and economic independence.

“For more than two decades we have not been able to use Cedar Park,” comments Enham Trust’s Chairman of Trustees Khalid Aziz. “Being able to bulldoze the building is the first physical step towards completing phase one of the biggest developments Enham Trust has seen which will greatly increase the number of people we can serve.”

Designed by award-winning Winchester architects Design Engine in conjunction with Enham Trust’s Client Design Panel to ensure the project is fully accessible; under the proposals agreed, and with the support of the NHS, the Unit will treat people who have suffered damage to their nervous system; including brain injury and strokes, either acquired through an accident, or from a neurological illness or virus.

With UK admissions to hospital with acquired brain injury having risen by 10% in the last 10 years to 566 admissions per 100,000 of the population or 956 admissions per day*, specialist treatment for acquired brain injury has never been more crucial than it is today; not only supporting the survivors to overcome and learn new ways of living with the physical effects of the injury, but also the emotional challenges for both survivors and their families.

Enham Trust currently supports 7,500 disabled and disadvantage people across the country to live as independently as possible.

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