Health & Fitness | Being a Black Belt - A Frame of Mind | Andover & VillagesA wise person once said, “A black belt just holds your trousers up; being a black belt is a frame of mind.”

Did you know that once you attain the ever-fabled rank of black belt, there are still 8 more ranks to follow?

Those who have worked hard to earn a black belt have achieved a great deal and will be well versed in the martial art, but it is far from the end, some practitioners of the martial arts have said that when you reach black belt that is when your training will truly begin.

It is said to take between three and six years to get your black belt, which is 9 belts in total. However, it will take a minimum of a year and half to go from a 1st Dan (the first black belt) to 2nd Dan (the second of nine black belts). To go to the 3rd Dan, you will need to wait a further two years – the 9th Dan can take a lifetime of dedication to achieve.

Doing Taekwondo is about self-betterment, and was founded through unification, to bring people of all walks of life together.

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