Health News | Thank Goodness for Mobility Equipment | Andover & VillagesThis is the time of year when people are enjoying the sunshine and are getting out and about in the glorious weather but for Iris Andersen recently, following a minor incident which left her leg bruised, the Unity Mobility service was a lifeline.

Unity Mobility runs the well-known Shopmobility service based at the Andover Bus Station but they also provide a less publicised Loan Hire Service. The service is available to anyone requiring mobility equipment on a short term basis whether for a weekend away, a holiday or even when someone has been laid up for a short time due to an injury or broken limb.

On this occasion, Iris was the grateful recipient hiring the equipment for a few days whilst her leg got better.

“I walk everywhere around Andover and didn’t realise just how difficult I would find it when my leg was bad. I would like to make everyone aware that you can rent the Unity mobility equipment on a daily, weekend or even weekly basis for a small charge. The friendly Unity staff will talk you through and help you familiarise yourself before you set off! I would thoroughly recommend using this service if you have an injury, are undergoing rehabilitation or perhaps you have a visitor who has mobility problems, who may come to stay with you while they are on holiday as the equipment is not always that easy to transport.” said Iris.

For more information contact 01264 352000 or contact

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