Testbourne to Welcome Ugandan VisitorsTestbourne Community School have had a very busy half term and are currently looking forward to the arrival of their Ugandan visitors at the end of February.

Seven students and two members of staff will be spending a week with the Whitchurch based Secondary School.

Headteacher Ruth Beasley said, “I am particularly looking forward to meeting Sammie the new Headteacher of Mityana Secondary School. I am sure that it will be an invaluable experience for all of us.

“We have enjoyed some excellent Dance and Drama showcases this half term, some particularly funny pieces were performed by our Year 9 and Year 10 students.

“Year 8 and Year 9 are very busy preparing to make their GCSE Option choices. For the first time both year groups will be choosing at the same time.

“Year 11 are very busy preparing for those all important GCSE results. I am very pleased to say that 26 of our year 11 students have already successfully completed their iGCSE English course and met their target grade of a C or above. This is a really excellent achievement for them all.”

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