Test Valley School RelightsTest Valley School set on fire this morning, with the blaze in the boiler room, being brought under control by Hampshire Fire Brigade.

However, this evening, the fire has relit, requiring Hampshire Fire Brigade to return to the village secondary school to put the fire out for a second time.

The school released a statement this afternoon saying the school would be open as normal (Tuesday 5th May 2015).

The statement from the school:

Unfortunately there has been a minor fire at the school today. However, all of the main areas and classrooms are not affected and school will therefore open as normal on Tuesday May 5th.

There will be a small area of the school cordoned off and all pupils will be expected to stay away from this area at all times until further notice.
Test Valley School Relights


Test Valley School Relights


Test Valley School Relights

Thank you to Pauline Cowles for the pictures

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